Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Change of Command

   We moved from Ft Hood to Ft Bliss about a month ago.  Since then, we have been trying to get into a routine.  School has started, I am taking all of these classes on post, and Adrian is trying to get into a groove at his new office.  Busy, busy, busy!  The house is the most unpacked as I think we have ever had.  Still need to work on the garage though.  Everything is starting to fall into place.

   Several people have asked to see more pictures of the Change of Command.  So here you go.  Adrian took command of the 7th ASOS a few weeks ago.  The ceremony went very well.  His new squadron is huge!  It has it's own room to host ceremonies like this.  Very cool!  One thing we forgot was to have a good picture taken of the two of us and a family picture.  I guess the family picture was taken without us while we did the reception line.  Oops!  
The kids.

The brothers.
Adrian taking the flag.

The ring attached to the flowers.  Glad they gave me the correct one!

One of the only pictures of the two of us together.

Family picture

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