Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moving to El Paso

It has been a long summer already!  Two moves in a year is hard on all of us.  The movers came to Harker Heights one year and two days after they came to deliver our household goods.  We still had boxes in the guest room that never got unpacked.  I guess in the back of my mind, I knew that we would only be there for a year.  With the military, you never know what to expect!
So we moved on to El Paso.  We are an AF Squadron here on an Army base.  Thank goodness for great friends back at Ft Hood to explain to me how this "post" thing works.  There are many differences on how things run on an Army post versus an AF base!  Too many to count or even explain!  
Dawn gave me a great reference book to go by.  I am sure I will need it!  I am already wondering what I am doing!
So we said goodbye to our friends, some of who moved along before we did, and packed up.  It took a couple of days to get from the middle of Texas to the end of it.  Anyone who has driven through Texas will understand the drive.  Ugh!  We knew to stop for the night!  
We stopped at the same hotel that we did when moving to Ft Hood.  In case you didn't hear, we had some excitement last year there.  Both of our cars were totaled with hail damage.  What a fun move that was!  We decided to risk it and try again.
I am happy to report that there was no real damage this time around!  Yes, we had a lot of furniture with damage.  Like my hall tree from England that I am upset about.  But, there is nothing to do but try and get it fixed.  Maybe next time will be the first time that they DON'T damage the poor thing!  Not holding my breath though.  Just one more thing on my to do list is reporting all of the damage and getting it repaired.  
We finally moved into the house after many delays.  Here is what it looked like when we were house hunting.
The grass and most of the bushes died with no water after the renters moved out.  We are bringing it all back to life slowly but surely.  There is a bird feeder in the back yard.  We now have the most birds in the neighborhood.  They ate a very large bag of bird food in a matter of days.  There were over thirty birds when I looked out my kitchen window yesterday!  Only a few are left now that they ate the whole bag.  I guess that is something I need to stock up on now.  
The house is mostly unpacked.  More so than our last house ever was.  It is still a work in progress though.  We will see if it gets completely unpacked before we move again.  Hopefully!  Speaking of which, I need to go unpack a few boxes today...


ani said...

Your house is huge, Jen! Gorgeous too :)

ani said...

Sorry.. this is "An" - not "ani."